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F1 hybrid breeding


F1 hybrids have proven their worth as high-performing vegetable crops, to the extent that a nearly complete conversion to F1s has taken place in corn, sugar beet, tomato, pepper, and cucumber cultivation. The demonstrated advantages of F1 hybrids have made them the preferred starting material across the board. These attractive traits include:

    • Higher yields
    • Increased labour efficiency
    • Enhanced plant vigour
    • Stable and uniform genetics
    • A proven approach for the stabilisation of specific traits, including disease resistance

F1 corn varieties have displayed the true benefits of F1 hybrid plants. Historical US corn yield data illustrates the positive impact of improved crop genetics. The introduction of F1 hybrid corn 90 years ago resulted in a yield increase of 500% over time.


Creating the proven winners:

How F1 hybrid
parental lines are made

Breeding roadmap


As a cannabis breeder, F1 SeedTech uses the professional breeding software, E-brida. E-Brida has extensive options for data registration and analysis. It allows data recording in the field using a tablet connected to a centralized database. Also, it has central storage of phenotyping data and traceability.

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