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Seeking a consistent
and reliable
cannabis harvest?

Seeking a consistent
and reliable
cannabis harvest?

At F1 SeedTech, we’re proud to call ourselves a trusted source of high-quality and sustainable F1 hybrid cannabis seeds. F1 seeds boast hybrid vigour, meaning they outperform traditional seeds in every way.

F1 hybrid seeds are the proven winners!

Much like modern vegetable and row crops, cannabis will become a mainstream agricultural F1 hybrid seed crop. These genetics will serve as future-proof starting material as our world continues to face pressing issues, including climate change and food supply disruption. 

To learn more about F1 hybrid breeding, the methodology, and see how F1 hybrid introduction brought key advantages to corn.

See what happened with the F1 hybrid introduction in corn.

-The five outstanding benefits-

1. Yield increase!

F1 SeedTech has managed to achieve a 50% increase in yield and cannabinoid production compared to traditional seeds. We obtained this result over the last 5 years through the application of intelligent selective breeding practices. Both internal and external trials have proven this increase in productivity over a range of growing conditions and geographic locations.

*proven during multiple trials.

2. No more clones!

Although reliable, cloning has proven inefficient when it comes to growing a uniform crop. Instead, F1 hybrids offer the advantage of uniformity without the additional costs of sustaining a living clone library and the challenges this presents. Ultimately, F1 hybrid cultivation requires less space and sidesteps rooting issues, disease, and other problems. 

3. Infinite stability!

F1 hybrid seeds produce consistent phenotypic expression over and over again, without any decrease in quality over time (as seen in cuttings). Such stability results in superior agronomic and crop management systems with fewer obstructions. You’ll know exactly what to expect and precisely how to manage it; you’ll no longer have to deal with the uncertainty of polyhybrid genetics and the pheno hunting they necessitate.

4. Easier Logistics and Planning!

Working with F1 hybrids guarantees straightforward worldwide shipping in alignment with legal frameworks and phytosanitary procedures; you’ll avoid the difficulties involved with transporting living plant material. Planning-related complexities will also decrease. Simply order, store, and sow as needed.

5. Be a frontrunner: the transformation has started…

Check out the first F1 hybrids to emerge from our advanced breeding program

We’ve created a breeding program designed to generate a broad portfolio of diverse F1 hybrids. Each variety features unique desirable traits, including day-neutral and photo-dependent cultivars with differing phytochemical profiles, such as those high in THC and CBD.


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