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The future of medicinal crop cultivation

F1 SeedTech is pleased to share the outcome of the recent day-neutral F1 hybrid seed trials. The results of these trials conducted by the independent professional parties Grodan and WUR (Wageningen University & Research) deserve the attention of every commercial grower interested in better quality, lower costs, and higher efficiency. F1 SeedTech hopes that these trials will provide growers with the trust and confidence to start using our F1 hybrid seeds as the preferred starting material.

GWAS project F1 SeedTech

Our Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS)

Pursuing our vision to lead the cannabis industry toward sustainable and reliable starting material, and therein be a global innovator. F1 SeedTech started a Genome-Wide Association Study with Genetwister Technologies to identify genomic regions associated with commercially interesting plant traits. Discover all there is to know about our GWAS and what it could change in today’s market.

Cultivation for Compounds

F1 SeedTech Joins “Cultivation for Compounds” Cannabis Consortium

F1 SeedTech proudly joins the Cannabis consortium Cultivation for Compounds. CfC is a diverse group of prominent companies in the Cannabis Industry, Cultivation for Compounds focuses on Cannabis cultivation for specific compounds. By sharing the same vision of a growing global Cannabis Market, F1 SeedTech is of the opinion this consortium will improve the industry.

F1 breeding explained

What Are F1 Hybrid Cannabis Plants?

Standard cannabis hybrids are known for their phenotypic variation. While some hobby growers appreciate this characteristic, it can be a real challenge for commercial growers looking to produce a consistent crop. F1 hybrid cannabis seeds solve this problem by offering stable, uniform cannabis genetics derived from pure genetic lines.

Visiting our breeding station in Oregon

With dedicated day-neutral breeding facilities, acquiring New Breed Seed was pivotal to the continued development of industry-leading F1 hybrids. Keep reading to find out how the newly acquired facilities in Oregon, USA are shaping the next generation of F1 cannabis.

Short day f1 hybrid cannabis

The development of short-day Cannabis F1 Hybrids

Developing cutting-edge F1 hybrids requires state-of-the-art facilities, carefully selected in-bred lines (IBLs), and self-pollination management. Keep reading as we discuss our current short-day breeding programme in partnership with RCK.

Website launch

F1 SeedTech, the pioneer in Cannabis F1 breeding, is thrilled to announce the launch of its website. Three years ago we started with the concept of F1 SeedTech, we worked hard on our proof of concept, whereof we can say it is proven.