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Looking for a Reliable and

Consistent Cannabis Harvest?

At F1 SeedTech, we’re developing trusted, high-quality, sustainable F1 hybrid cannabis seeds that outperform traditional seeds in every way.

F1 hybrids are the proven winners!

F1 hybrid starting material will transform the cannabis industry, just like the continued impact of modern vegetable and row crops on mainstream agriculture. By future-proofing cannabis genetics, F1 SeedTech is ready to meet the world’s sustainability and scalability demands.

Click here to learn more about F1 hybrid breeding, the methodology, and how F1 hybrids bring key advantages to commercial crops.

Case study – Corn in the U.S.

Case study – Tomatoes in the U.S.

-Five Outstanding F1 Hybrid Benefits-

1. Significant Increase in Yield!

With a 50% increase in yield and cannabinoid production*, F1 SeedTech is achieving results traditional seeds cannot match. Over the last five years, we’ve undertaken intelligent selective breeding practices, measuring the process via internal and external trials.

Combined, these trials have proven that F1 hybrid cannabis seeds can deliver increased productivity across various growing conditions and geographic locations.

*trial results available upon request.

F1 SeedTech Chart

2. Superior to Clones!

Although reliable, cannabis clones can prove inefficient, especially for delivering uniform, cost-effective crops. F1 hybrids, however, offer uniformity without the additional challenges and costs of sustaining a living clone library.

Ultimately, F1 hybrid cultivation requires less space while sidestepping significant cultivation challenges such as rooting issues and diseases.

F1 cannabis seed sowing

3. Infinite stability!

F1 hybrid seeds produce consistent phenotypic expression for endless scalability without a decrease in quality. This degree of stability results in superior agronomic and crop management systems with fewer obstructions.

Not only will you know exactly what to expect and how to manage it—you’ll no longer have to deal with the uncertainty of polyhybrid genetics and subsequent pheno-hunting.

Infinite Stability

4. Straightforward Logistics and Planning!

Working with F1 hybrids guarantees straightforward, worldwide shipping, aligning with the legal framework and phytosanitary procedures. By removing the difficulties of transporting living plant material, you can simply order, store, and sow seeds as needed.

Straightforward Logistics

5. Pioneering Innovation

F1 SeedTech Time line

Check Out the First F1 Hybrids to Emerge From Our Advanced Breeding Program

Our exclusive breeding programme will generate a broad portfolio of diverse F1 hybrids, including day-neutral varieties, photo-dependent varieties, those high in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, and much more.

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