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F1 News Flash: First Impressive Findings and Positive Feedback on

Impressive Findings and Feedback on


Royal Queen Seeds launched its first F1 varieties on its platform in January 2023, and F1 SeedTech, the breeder of the RQS F1s, closely monitored the experiences of early adopters who tried out Medusa F1, Titan F1, and MilkyWay F1 on The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with growers impressed by the impressive growth rates, strong aroma, dense flowers, and robust resistance of these new varieties. These qualities make the varieties easy to grow, even for novice growers. is a website dedicated to helping cannabis growers track their progress and share their experiences with the community. The first diaries have been completed, and growers are highly satisfied with cultivating F1 hybrids. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with growers praising the superior speed and performance of these varieties. Furthermore, no major cultivation issues or hermaphroditism have been reported, making F1 hybrids a reliable choice for growers.

One of the most notable features of F1 hybrids is their uniformity, which ensures a consistent yield and quality among plants of the same variety. This trait is particularly useful for commercial growers who require a consistent product for their customers. However, uniformity is also a significant benefit for the homegrown market, as THC percentages remain consistent. This is not the case with traditional strains, where THC percentages can vary per growth.

Additionally, growers are obtaining similar plant traits to those evaluated by the F1 SeedTech team at their breeding facilities in Oregon, USA. This confirms the reliability of F1 hybrids and demonstrates that the results achieved in controlled environments can be replicated in different conditions.

Slips during cultivation

As the breeding company, we noticed that certain cultivation slips were made during the growing process of F1 hybrids, such as topping and low temperatures. We advise against topping as the plant is ready for harvest within 80 days and the F1s may not have sufficient time to recover, ultimately resulting in lower yields.

Besides the lower yield, topping the F1 hybrids will increase the change of hermaphroditism as we have seen in trials with professional cultivators. Topping will create a high level of stress for an auto-flowering crop this fast.

Additionally, low temperatures can impede growth and diminish yields. Thus, we recommend maintaining a daytime temperature of 30oC and a nighttime temperature of 24oC for indoor growth.

Furthermore, sowing seeds outside too early in the season can lead to insufficient growth and yields, Therefore we recommend growing outside when temperatures exceed 20oC

To aid home growers in cultivating F1 hybrids, RQS provides a comprehensive guide that includes detailed information on nutrients and plant training. By following the guide’s instructions, growers can optimize their crop’s yield and quality.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback

Despite these slips, the feedback on the F1 hybrid varieties was overwhelmingly positive. Growers noted that the genetics of the F1s kept every promise the breeder made, exceeding expectations from germination to harvest. While most of the completed diaries are about indoor growth, the feedback is encouraging for growers who are looking for a reliable and high-performing varieties. As F1 SeedTech we challenge you to grow the F1s outdoors, as these varieties will exceed all expectations.

Quotes of finished Growers

“I can’t say enough good things about these 2 MilkyWay. They grew bigger, healthier, faster, and more resistant than the other strains I had in the tent with them. The flowers are thick and covered in resin….the smell is amazing aswell!!” – HmGrwnFlowers on

“Medusa F1 exceeded all my expectations. The entire journey from germination to harvest went without any problems.”, and “Don’t hesitate, definitely try Medusa F1 if you have the chance.” – ButterfliesLittleFarm on


In conclusion, the F1 hybrids by Royal Queen Seeds are varieties worth trying for growers who want to produce high-quality cannabis. F1s offer superior speed and performance, uniformity, and consistent plant traits, making them a promising choice for both novice and experienced growers alike. By avoiding common cultivation mistakes and following proper techniques, growers can produce premium-quality cannabis with these varieties.

Download the F1 News Flash here