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Home » Press » F1 SeedTech’s Miss Beauty F1 and Eugenius F1 Received Plant Breeder Rights from the Plant Variety Board

F1 SeedTech’s Miss Beauty F1 and Eugenius F1 Received Plant Breeder Rights from the Plant Variety Board

Plant Breeder Rights


F1 SeedTech has reached a remarkable milestone with the gaining of Dutch Plant Breeder Rights for our varieties, Miss Beauty F1 and Eugenius F1. These rights, bestowed by the Dutch Plant Variety Board, underscore the innovative approach of F1 SeedTech in developing seed-based plant varieties, particularly in the burgeoning field of Cannabis cultivation.

What are Plant Breeder Rights?

Plant Breeder Rights are a form of intellectual property rights that protect new varieties of plants. These rights are granted to breeders who have developed new, distinct, uniform, and stable plant varieties. The rights provide the breeder with exclusive control over the propagating material (including seed, cuttings, divisions, etc.) of the new plant variety.

About F1 SeedTech

F1 SeedTech stands at the forefront of Cannabis F1 hybrid breeding, focusing on the creation of Cannabis varieties that are high-yielding, resilient to climate, and resistant to diseases. The company’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in its development of varieties that are not only innovative but also meet the evolving needs of the Cannabis industry.

Miss Beauty F1

Miss Beauty F1 is renowned for its robust vigor and is the top yielder among F1 SeedTech’s varieties. This variety exhibits remarkable tolerance against the damaging fungus, Botrytis, ensuring optimal yield and quality. Its attributes make it a preferred choice for cultivators seeking high yield and resilience.

Eugenius F1

Eugenius F1 stands out with its exceptional seedling vigor and a CBD:THC ratio of 26:1, making it an ideal candidate for extraction purposes. Its unique properties cater to the growing demand for extraction-based products in the Cannabis market, offering a versatile option for cultivators.

Significance of the Plant Breeder Rights

Obtaining Plant Breeder Rights for Miss Beauty F1 and Eugenius F1 is a monumental achievement for F1 SeedTech. It allows the company to protect its investment in research and development while encouraging further innovation in the sector. Cultivators who choose these varieties can be assured of quality and performance, backed by the legal protection these rights afford.


The granting of Plant Breeder Rights to F1 SeedTech’s Miss Beauty F1 and Eugenius F1 is a significant step forward in the transition from clones to seeds within the Cannabis industry. As we move towards a future where sustainable and efficient cannabis cultivation practices are more critical than ever, such milestones are not just achievements but also beacons guiding the way. Our next course of action would be to transform the present PBR registration into a CPVO registration.