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F1 SeedTech first attempt on GreenTech!

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In the third week of July 2022, GreenTech took place in RAI Amsterdam. For F1 SeedTech this was the first fair where we as our organization presented ourselves.

For F1 SeedTech, the fair aimed to introduce the public to F1 hybrids in Cannabis. A method that is known to the seed and vegetable industry but had not yet been applied to cannabis. After years of breeding, we have succeeded in developing F1 hybrid seeds from Cannabis. At our booth, our colleague Maikel de Bresser also had the honor of giving a presentation at the Medical Cannabis Pavilion Theater, where he explained the method behind F1 hybrids.

Looking back at GreenTech, we can say that this fair was a great success for F1 SeedTech. During the first two days, there was enormous interest at our stand, both professional licensed growers and other companies active in the cannabis industry. For example, to our great luck, several companies were also interested in trials with our F1 hybrid seeds. We have even been able to realize some of these. The presentation by our colleague Maikel de Bresser also turned out to be a great success. For many who have been active in the Cannabis industry for years, the F1 hybrid method was still unknown.

All in all, we can conclude that GreenTech Amsterdam 2022 was a success for us. We will therefore be present at the next edition in Amsterdam!