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F1 SeedTech Releases Exclusive First Range of F1 Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

F1 SeedTech’s breeding program results in the first of several F1 hybrids. F1 SeedTech believes that F1 hybrid seeds are the future of cannabis growing thanks to their higher yield, high crop uniformity, greater efficiency, improved land use, and superior economic scaling.

With the dynamic growth of the legal cannabis market, the industry needs a sustainable product range to keep up with the rising demand. In the USA alone, the industry is expected to reach $40B by 2026, up from an estimated $12B last year. Meeting this milestone requires professional agronomic management, quality starting materials, and an in-depth understanding of cannabis genomics.

Cannabis growing

Fortunately, the concept and benefits of F1 hybrids are already present in many row and vegetable crops. A prime example is the introduction of F1 hybrid corn ninety years ago, which has resulted in a yield increase over time of 500%. F1 SeedTech’s breeding program aims to integrate the same proven breeding technologies (F1 hybrid breeding, marker-assisted breeding, and polyploidy) to improve cannabis viability significantly.

Maikel de Bresser, the Global Head of R&D for F1SeedTech, explains just how impactful their new F1 hybrids can be. “Alongside our Green Horizon Alliance partners, we have already executed standardised trials comparing classic cannabis seed varieties with their F1 hybrid counterparts. The results are impressive, with many tests showing up to double the yield per square meter and higher levels of crop uniformity. The effect on our customers will be more efficient crop management and better ability to predetermine final yields”.

The first F1 hybrid range will launch in the US state of California first, with seeds expected in Q1 of 2022. F1SeedTech will continue building a pipeline of both THC and CBD crops, with their exclusive range of F1 hybrid seeds addressing the needs of both the professional and home grower market.