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Website launch

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

F1 SeedTech, the pioneer in Cannabis F1 breeding, is thrilled to announce the launch of its website,  Three years ago we started with the concept of F1 SeedTech, we worked hard on our proof of concept, whereof we can say it is proven. Therefore, we started a few months ago with the development of a logo and website. We have been using the logo on our socials for some time, but now our website is finally live!

The site describes our story and vision for the industry on starting materials, the milestones we achieved in the past years, and a detailed description of our first Cannabis F1 hybrids. In addition, the website provides a description of the breeding technique for f1 hybrids. Including the advantages of the F1 hybrid compared to other starting materials.

“We are excited to go public with our website.” Said COO Maikel de Bresser.”Now everyone can see our story with their own eyes, and we are easier to find and approach for interested parties.”

F1 SeedTech invites you to explore the new website. Check out the first Cannabis F1 Hybrids on our product page, and keep updated on our press page.